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About PMTC

o Mission - Our mission at Professional Massage Training Center, Inc. is to educate and develop students who will powerfully impact the massage therapy and bodywork industry by positively enhancing the lives of their clients.

o Company Values - We value integrity and transparency of operation. We strive to represent the school and ourselves as credible, professional experts in the field of training in massage therapy and bodywork. We value financial success, growth, and independence for the therapists we serve, for ourselves, and for PMTC. We value the passion as well as the transformational experience that giving and receiving massage therapy provides.

o Philosophy of Education - Professional Massage Training Center, Inc. develops and delivers the highest educational and professional standards in massage therapy. Our courses balance scientific study with intuitive awareness so that our students learn techniques that support recovery from disease through skilled therapeutic touch and an understanding of self-development. We are dedicated to being a place that our students are proud to have attended and the leaders of our profession look to as an example of the best our field offers.